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We’re on a mission to breed natural flavors back into vegetables so we can develop more next-gen, plant-based products. 


Awesome. How can I help?


For half a century, industrialized farming practices have prioritized quantity over quality, breeding the nutrients and flavors right out our fruits, vegetables, whole grains and even  meats. Meanwhile, the food industry has customers hooked on junk food loaded with artificial flavors and other additives to make up for the lack of flavor in commercially grown ingredients. It’s an unhealthy cycle. The World Health Organization estimates that half the global population will be obese by 2050. Already, 90% of us suffer from nutritional deficiencies because we don’t eat enough vegetables.


It’s time for RadicL change!



We are a breeder, a food scientist, a product designer and a 3 Michelin-starred chef. An unusual bunch, if you ask me, but we are visionaries determined to bring radical change to the industrial food complex. It’s a huge job, but someone’s gotta do it.


Starting from seed, we’ve literally reinvented plant-based food from the ground up! In our quest to cultivate the most flavor-forward ingredients, we’ve traveled to the Himalayan cliffs of Nepal, India, and Tibbet. To the rain forests of Borneo and Sarawak. To Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Peru, Colombia, and other remote corners of the world to source the best-tasting landraces of vegetable varieties out there. By combining classical plant breeding techniques with culinary know-how and a touch of A.I.-driven ingredient pairing, we’ve developed RadicL’s exciting new range of clean label, all-natural vegetable-based products. No additives, no extra sugars or fats needed — it’s THAT good.

Still don’t believe us? Taste for yourself!

Screenshot 2020-09-30 at 12.37.40.png

Exciting new vegetable varieties you’ve never tasted before!

Everything we grow is organic and bred for optimal flavor, taste and texture.

Alright, let’s take chili sauce as an example. Commercial hot sauces contain up to 60% refined sugar. RadicL’s sweet chili sauces contain absolutely no added sugar!


Say what? How’s that possible?!


At RadicL, we’ve created brand new varieties of hot peppers by cross-breeding spicy chilies with sweet bell peppers. The result? Spicy chili peppers so sweet we don’t need to add sugar to our hot sauces! Using classic breeding techniques, our delicious vegetable varieties already contain the desirable traits and goodness we want in our RadicL products, so there’s never any need for artificial flavorings or additives. And what’s more — our vegetable varieties are commercially grown without the use of any pesticides and are resistant to all common plant bacterial, fungal and viral diseases! How’s that for RadicL?


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